Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Exeter gets infested with Zombies

On Saturday the city centre was infested with zombies’ as part of a Halloween celebration. The event started in Exeter city centres bus station. It then proceeded down Sidwell Street, through Princesshay, The cathedral green, then onto The Phoenix Arts Centre. The event was organised by Exeter’s Phonic FM and The Phoenix.

People came to the march from all over Devon, one woman said “We did this last year and it was very fun. So we did it again. We travelled from Paignton, but it is so fun it is worth it.”
The march was publicised “by social media the event was promoted through social media, word of mouth and Phonic FM, we didn’t use posters around town. “. This was very much a safe, fun community event, a strange disease had not spread around the world nor was Exeter being used as a horror film set.

The people dressed up had some open sores, blood dripping down their faces, calling and moaning after fresh blood. Strange brides wandered the streets complete with dead flowers. Terrified teenage girls ran away from monsters squealing in fear. Many were dressed in strange ripped clothes. Some chased terrified shoppers through the town centre looking for fresh flesh to feed on. This frightening behaviour had spread from North American towns, and then spread to London and Bristol now Exeter was invaded by the zombie mob. The participants reached The Phoenix at around 5pm where they were then greeted with a live music event called “The Zombie Ball”.

This was a community event was organised by Mike James, Phonic FM’s DJ of The Rock show. Mike has caused quite a stir in the rock music community. Mike had talked to mega famous rocker Slash has talked on his shows. He has also been nominated for FM DJ of the year award. The event was inspired by events around the world. Zombies marched to the Phoenix arts centre for a family rock show; money made from the show is “keeping the station afloat. Last year we made it to the top 100 zombie walks in the world which is amazing considering were up against cities such as New York and London.”

Many families went on to the Zombie Ball and the mix of heavy rock and dressing up kept all generations happy. Prices for the show were recession friendly £10.00 in advance and £12.50 the door “ten bands played and will be playing against a packed house of over 300 people.” All profits went to Phonic FM.

These money making events and contributions are the only way the station keeps broadcasting. Many zombies appeared in a rock video for up and coming band Cambion, the event was partly to find zombies to appear in their video. Cambion had been supported by Phonic FM since they started out; [The Rock Show] had also supported the band”. Many other local heavy bands played such as Your Mums Beard, Flame Fracture and with the Famous Vampire Killers headlining.

The event was a great fun family day out and showcase for some great heavy local rock music. If you want to join in the fun keep posted to Mike James on social media platforms and of course, The Rock Show on Phonic FM. Next a heavy rock Christmas party is due to be hosted by the radio station. Look for the link for a massive collection of stills posted below.

By Ruth Barr and Merlin Spiers. Please visit the link below for high resolution photos taken by a professional camera. Please only use them for personal use, for uses contact merlspiers@gmail.com before hand.


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