Sunday, 14 October 2012

The use of slow motion

In cinema nothing brings out the magic of a shot more than slow motion. Slow motion is used literally to show the audience what is happening a lot slower. If you want to check out another websites list of all time classic slow Motion scenes here is the link. Reservoir Dogs has a notoriously famous starting sequence in slow motion with the gangsters walking down the road like a pack of dogs. However this slow motion is just slowed down using regular filmed footage used to make the titles, it could perhaps be suggested that Tarantino used it as an after thought in slow motion- but hey it works! The type of slow motion that I am interested in demonstrated in number one on the list in The Fall by Tarsim Singh. The man who deserves absolute credit for this amazing piece of cinematography is Colin Watkinson, this undoubtedly is one of the best composed title pieces in history. The continuity throughout the speed of the slow motion works classically well and reflects that you don't need to constantly change the speed of the slow motion. Now I can't mention slow motion without mentioning the biggest piece of all time (which is not in the list of title slow motion pieces). 'The Epopt' scene of the baby in the pram falling down the "Odessa Steps" from the movie "The Battleship Potemkin", is the probably the most famous slow motion piece amongst movie critics. It has been replicated in a gangster film right through to comedy. This work is significant because it was a completely new concept, and people were left in suspense as to what was going to occur. View it for yourself[youtube] by Eisenstein in 1925. It's worth watching The Fall completely, but the slow motion sequence however random is central to the films story. Next I will be explaining what I want to do, I sadly do not have the budget of these films but I plan to make a really powerful montage of slow motion. In the next article I will explain how I am going to attempt to do it on a shoestring. Please note that technical language maybe used and I suggest you use google to define a word by using the following syntax define:word in the search bar. I will try my best to accommodate you. For my idea I will be planning to expand visually on the word "destruction" and most of my shots will be related to something being destroyed. I quite like Fatboy Slims Gangster Trippin's slow motion check it out below: [youtube] I plan to emphasise "destruction" in many different ways, in the next post we are going to get technical I need to work out how to do this mammoth task!.....

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