Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tv journalism journal planning a news programme

Today we put together a plan of action for a tv news programme production.

Firstly we looked at our target audience.

Having deciding that it was going to be aimed at students we looked at what features for the program.

We decided on two features lasting 8 mins each. The features were about local nightclubs and about outdoor adrenaline pursuits. We left 8 mins for a studio piece to satisfy the brief.

Having known from experience that it is hard to get a guest in to your schedule, I convinced the group to have a backup plan. In order to balance the program we are aiming to have a policeman discuss crime, we also decided that we should have a backup guest. We hoped to get a drugs support worker.

Having looked at our content we decided to call it "where it's @" in order to suit the local nature- our audience is aimed at students.

We then looked at schedule planning and allocated research roles to team members. The group decided research is due to be in two weeks.

We then allocated production roles starting with the studio. I will be working in the gallery doing the live edit.

The group nominated two female presenters, also someone to oversee the production schedule. The rest of us will be using the equipment to film features and script write for the presenters.

We decided that the format shall start in the studio to introduce the features and a live studio guest as previously mentioned.

During my lunch break I decided to contact Devon and Cornwalls PR department by phone. The outcome was a request in writing via an email address acquired on the phone. The police seemed polite and interested.

I also telephoned the Exeter Drugs Project and discussed the teams plans. I was given another email address which happened to be the directors. I was informed that she was a really busy person and that she might delegate it to a junior representative.

I was a little disheartened. Feeling that my email might not reach the representative I will follow up the emails and telephone numbers. Ultimately if we don't get these guests we need another backup plan. This has not yet been put the groups agenda. Still there is plenty of time for them to respond.

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