Monday, 12 May 2014

Hacking round google and isp torrent blocking pages

SKY and O2 ban torrent sites- howto regain access to torrent websites

If you had an o2 broadband connection you had no restrictions... that was until sky brought the company out. Now do you feel like you are back in school? uni?. The purpose of this blog is for torrent usage only and if its banned for another reason other than a repressive regime well you must be upto strange things?

For ages a network that ironically has been labelled as the darknet etc, has come to the rescue. Now I can use a program that places my internet connection in many different locations bypassing sky completely. That means i can google torrents and access them like a normal citizen.

You are not breaking the law, your just wanting your connection back? Sure no problems I recommend extracting this to a usb key and always having a copy to hand, you never know when you need to outwit a techie.

To bypass the uk copyright notice for torents you need tor browser bundle download it from the link below. This seems a good point to disclaim your usage, I offer no advice, I tell you how to download legal torrents.

Now you have to trust me that this is a non-profit legitimate piece of software and i have only had good experiences using it. If your antivirus flags it up it is a false positive. Turn off antivirus etc.

 The tor browser bundle

Finally if this has worked then send me a beer or something. merlspiers (at) gmail com

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  1. I forgot to put also goofor people stuck in country's that sensor everything. Please do not jeopardise the tor. Act responsibly